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Welcome to the Moulin du Vigneau in Saumur

Last Public Cavier Mill in Saumur.
The association of the Moulin du Vigneau puts everything in place to safeguard this site, in order to make it a zone of exchange and sharing.


Our next events


Who is the Moulin du Vigneau?

Moulin du Vigneau, who are you?


"That's a very good question! Which I had to answer..."

"In my memories, I was built in the 1780s,

I am a cave mill, the last public of the Saumurois..."

"I had a twin brother who, alas, disappeared..."

"Nevertheless, dear visitors, if you are here, it is because you are interested

to me and I invite you to continue this conversation or earlier reading

of my story on the dedicated page. See you soon !"

The Association


Our project is to restore the wings of the Moulin du Vigneau in Saumur, the last public Moulin Cavier in Saumur.

Make it a socio-cultural place  unmissable in Saumur.

For the future,

the Association for the Safeguarding and Restoration of the Mill  organizes various events throughout the year to raise funds for the Renovation. 

Volunteers also actively participate in the work.

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